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  • Fragrance Development

    We’re here to assist with fragrance development from concept, strategy, fragrance house briefing/interaction/evaluation through base optimization and stability/compatibility. For one product—or a line of products.
  • Competitive Analysis

    We can help sort through the market and look at what’s relevant to your brand. Where do you want to be? There’s a lot to smell out there!
  • Brief Crafting

    Writing an actionable brief—one that inspires and incites creativity—is paramount to the fragrance development process. It should be detailed yet leave room for surprises. We’ve written hundreds of them, and perfumers say they are clear and fun to work on, and clients love them because they reflect their brand DNA.
  • Process Evaluation and

    Sometimes it helps to have someone look at your process to help improve it. Maybe there’s a different way to catalog submissions in your fragrance library or a need for a deeper dive with fragrance houses. Because we’ve worked on so many sides of the industry, we can help recommend ways to improve your process.
  • Fragrance House Partnerships

    Depending on the scope or aesthetic of your project, we can recommend fragrance houses to best suit your needs. We have close relationships with major global houses and key creative indie and natural-focused houses as well.
  • Brand Narrative
    Naming, Copywriting

    We can be as involved in the Brand as you’d like us to be. We’ve named countless products, written pack copy, promotional copy, even print ad copy.
  • Fragrance Trend Forecasting

    This is our thing. We do it all day long. Every day.
  • Problem-Solving

    We’re not technical specialists nor safety/regulatory specialists, but we have a lot of experience figuring out what to do if you have a fragrance issue. If we can’t help you we can recommend someone who can. Strong regulatory support is critical and we have partnerships with great people who can help with all aspects of development, from fragrance to finished product and labeling. We also have relationships with independent perfumers who can help us problem-solve and develop a wonderful fragrances when necessary.
  • Training

    Learning how to smell is highly personal. We love to teach one-on-one, large groups, via go-to meetings, sales teams, you name it. We can train for a new launch, or general olfactory families and raw materials.
  • Press / Retail Junkets

    When you are preparing to launch your new fragrance or product, we can help write the press release and present to the press. We love to do this. we’ve presented to major retailers and press outlets.
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