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  • How do you work?

    Every project and client is different. We work on retainer (monthly) for ongoing relationships. Sometimes work is project-based, so a fee is arranged. We'll even work by the hour, but only under special circumstances.
  • Are you a chemist?
    A Perfumer?

    No, but Lisa was trained for many years by master perfumers, product development specialists, evaluators and worked with talented chemists. Lisa learned via the classic fine fragrance approach so she has a great olfactive memory and is always adding to it. The thing is, once you have it, you can’t turn it off.
  • How are you different
    than other fragrance

    We have worked in all aspects of the industry—from advertising at a global agency, fine fragrance marketing at a leading CPG company, sales and marketing at small, large, and all natural fragrance houses, award-winning fragrance and product design, and finally product development. So every fragrance we help develop has a “reason for being” in the market. It doesn’t just smell good.
  • Who are your current clients?

    Confidentiality is important for our clients, so specifics on current clients and projects aren’t listed here. we can say we are working with a large manufacturer with private label candle, personal care and fine fragrance capabilities as well as their sister company who focuses on haircare and skincare products. Projects for these clients are varied in scope but include fine fragrance, home fragrance, skin care and personal care products. Recently we took on a trouble-shooting project where a client needed fragrances for a luxury facial product in record time because their overseas manufacturer couldn’t get it right. We're also working on a 12-sku haircare line due to launch in 2015, and a start-up candle line that will launch some time this year.
  • Are your clients in California?
    Do you travel outside of California?

    Our clients are all over the country, and Lisa travels a lot. She loves it! A lot of work can be done remotely with fragrance development.
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